We made it to Seattle! We split the drive up into two days so that it wasn’t so difficult on me. The longer I sit the more my back hurts and the more my hands and feet swell up. On Monday when we got here the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) didn’t have a room for us so we had to check into a motel. Of course we completely unpacked the entire car’s worth of stuff in the motel since RMH wasn’t sure how soon a room would open up for us. On Tuesday May 28th I had 4 doctors appointments. Of course during the middle of the first appointment RMH called and said they had a room available for us and to be there at 2:30. We spent several hours getting through the next appointments.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th appointments were supposed to be back to back with different doctors. We checked in at 9:27 and they didn’t call my name to take me to a patient room until 10:15. Then we sat in the patient room for another half an hour until they realized that the doctor I was supposed to be seeing had called in sick that day. The nurse finally came in to tell us that and take us to a different room to begin the next appointment. That appt. was supposed to only take 20 min. and ended up taking 45 min. then they moved us back to the room we started in so that we could wait another 15 min. before the last doctor finally came to see us. Needless to say we had to call RMH and tell them we would be a couple of hours late because we hadn’t left the doctor’s office yet and we still needed to go back to the motel to get all of our stuff. Luckily RMH said that would be okay.

Then we had to call the motel and beg them to let us have a late check out so that we didn’t have to pay for the second night that we wouldn’t be needing. Normally check out was at noon and late check out was at 2:30. Once we explained to them what was going on they said they would waive the half night fee that comes with late check out and they gave us until 3:30 to get our stuff out. It was exactly 3:30 when we got all of our stuff out of the room and the cleaning ladies were hovering by the door waiting to get there to clean.

We left the motel with a completely loaded down car again and headed over to RMH. They gave us the full tour, handed us our keys, and said welcome. It was such a relief to know that we will be able to stay in one spot throughout our time here and that we won’t have to pay the $150 – $200 per night motel rates that we would have otherwise been paying. At RMH we are able to do our laundry for free, have a small fridge, food cupboard, and a space in the freezer. There is a community kitchen to cook in, community dishes and such, and a community pantry. They have internet service, tv and dvd players, and phones in each bedroom; playrooms and a playground for the kids; and a den and mini library. Volunteer groups cater in meals several nights a week, service/therapy dogs come to visit to lift everyone’s spirits a few times a week, and every now and then they have movie nights in the mini theater.

It took us a few days to get completely unloaded and settled into our room. Of course there were a few things that we forgot to bring and a few things that were needed from the store to help us get situated. We have now been in RMH for one week and feel so blessed by all they have provided us with and how friendly everyone has been to us.

Many businesses and people believe so much in what RMH does for families with medical needs, that they provide free tickets to several events/attractions throughout the area. Some of them include the aquarium, the zoo, baseball games, etc. On Monday while my mom was here we had the opportunity to take Teigen to the zoo with some of these donated tickets. This is the first zoo he has ever been to and he thought it was very cool. We have also had the opportunity to take him to a park by the Puget Sound and walking on some trails in the park next to RMH. It was my goal to try to do a few fun and special things with Teigen before Tucker is born and things change a lot.

I want to send out a very large thank you to everyone who has helped us get to Seattle and who have supported us throughout this journey. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much and continually help us through this difficult time.


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