Prepping for Seattle

After spring break there was a big push by the doctors to continue making sure that the pregnancy went well and to keep an eye on Tucker’s progress. Every two weeks I had an appointment with my OB doctor to listen to his heart beat and make sure my belly measured the right size. Also around 34 weeks I had another fetal echo cardiogram and a growth confirmation ultrasound. The echo was done in Missoula with Dr. Hardy who will be Tucker’s heart doctor once we get home. The echo revealed the same info again which is good. That reassures the doctors that their game plan is still on track. The growth ultrasound showed that he is growing proportionately, that he is in the 74th percentile for size, and that he weighed about 5.5 lbs. The dr. said he is going to be a big baby which will be very beneficial for his health. They’re approximating that he will weigh 9 lbs at birth. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for due date. I have a hunch that we are going to get to meet Tucker before June 13th since he’s been “beating me up” for weeks. Some days I swear he’s knocking on my belly saying let me out lol.

On Saturday May 18th we had a fundraiser. This was a crucial step for us as without the support of our family, friends, community members, and everyone else, this Seattle journey would not have been possible. Therefore Travis and I want to extend the biggest thank you imaginable to all who have supported us up to this point. Tucker’s health and care is being made possible by all of you and for that we are beyond grateful.


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