Post Ladd’s Surgery

After the Ladd’s surgery Tucker spent one night in the NICU and then was transferred to the Surgical Recovery Floor. A couple of days later his intestines and bowel proved to be working properly so he was taken off maintenance fluids and was allowed to begin drinking breast milk again.

On June 28th he passed his hearing test. The next day the doctors reviewed Tucker’s health plan. 49% of his doctors felt that he should have open heart surgery to insert a shunt before he was discharged, but 51% felt that the existing catheter ballooning procedure would provide sufficient blood flow until he received his open heart surgery that would occur between 4-6 months of age. Therefore it was determined that Tucker was healthy enough to go home! On June 29th he was discharged from the hospital.

We instantly began packing up our room at the Ronald McDonald House and on June 30th we began our slow journey home. We took several days to drive home so Tucker and Teigen did not have to sit in their car seats for too many hours at a time. We also took our time so Tucker could hopefully acclimate to the extreme changes in elevation (sea level to 4400 ft.). We cheered with delight when we crossed the border into Montana and then again when we finally arrived home on July 3rd!


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