Official Diagnosis

Tucker has been officially diagnosed with Heterotaxy syndrome. Due to this syndrome many of his organs have defects. His heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, and spleen are all located on the opposite side of his body. His heart being on the opposite side is commonly referred to as dextrocardia and the remainder of his organs being on the opposite side is referred to as situs inversus. His appendix is located in the top center of his abdomen and is twice the length it should be. He has intestinal malrotation and major heart defects.

Part of his heart condition is called single ventricle double outlet. One ventricle is severally underdeveloped, which in turn caused the other ventricle of his heart to overdevelop. The underdeveloped side is nonfunctioning, therefore the overdeveloped ventricle is doing the work of both ventricles. Luckily both major arteries, the pulmonary and the aorta, are connected to the functioning ventricle. His heart condition would be extremely more complicated if this was not the case. The other part of his heart condition is called pulmonary stenosis, which means the pulmonary valve has a narrowed opening. This narrowed opening drastically reduces the amount of blood flow to Tucker’s lungs.

The Heterotaxy syndrome can also affect the lungs but in Tucker’s case they did not! Many times the syndrome can also cause the person to have more than one spleen or even no spleen at all. Luckily Tucker has just one spleen and it is functioning properly.

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A diagram of Tucker’s heart:
pic of his heart


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