It’s Time (or really close to it)

Well just to be on the safe side Travis and I had my mom fly in from Friday 5/31 until Tuesday 6/4 and his parents arrive with their motor home on Monday 6/3 until whenever. This way whenever Tucker decided he was ready to join the family someone would be here to take care of Teigen during the delivery process and everything that will follow shortly thereafter.

Though Tucker is not due until June 13th we had our suspicions that he would arrive early. Teigen arrived 8 days early and I was only in labor with him for 7 hours. Therefore we figured that since this is baby number 2 for me that there was potential for things to move along just as fast if not faster.

On Tuesday night 6/4 I began to have minor sporadic contractions. On Wednesday morning they continued to be very mild and sporadic. By Wednesday afternoon they began to get more intense and closer together. At 4:45 pm I was seen by the labor and delivery doctor. She said that though the contractions were plenty close together they were just not quite intense enough for things to be progressing much as of yet. The doctor had me come back at 8 pm to be seen again. She said things were progressing but still not quite fast enough for them to admit me yet. Therefore they sent me back to RMH to get some rest and told me to come back when the contractions are more intense and closer together.

Since this is a high risk pregnancy they had me come in early to just make sure things were still on track. They confirmed that everything is fine and now it is just a matter of waiting for everything to kick into high gear. I will update later when I have a chance.


One thought on “It’s Time (or really close to it)

  1. We are thinking about you and sending many prayers. Your mother-in-law has orders to keep us posted too. Love to you all.

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