Open Heart Surgery #2

Hi everyone. We are back in Seattle again. We got here Monday afternoon. Today Tucker received his pre-Glenn catheterization to scope things out and make sure he was ready for the Glenn procedure. This procedure is an open heart surgery where they will remove his shunt and reroute some of his arteries. I know some of you may be saying “what shunt?” and that is because I’ve been soooooo busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog in a timely manner. The rest of the posts will hopefully be posted by tomorrow.

Tucker was originally scheduled for his surgery this Friday but then it got moved up to tomorrow because they had a cancelation on the surgery schedule. Therefore I am spending the night with Tucker in the hospital tonight and at 7 AM tomorrow morning (Wednesday December 4th) he will be going in for his second open heart surgery. I ask that everyone please pray for our sweet smiley baby boy to have a successful and safe surgery and a quick recovery. I will post updates during and after the surgery as we get them from the doctors.

Thank you to all our friends and family for the prayers we have and will receive.