Travis Volkman, Pam (Gaworski) Volkman, and their children Tyler, Kaylene, and Teigen, are blessed to be expecting a new addition to their family. Tucker Vance Volkman is due to be born on June 13, 2013. Travis has been the Industrial Technology teacher at the Belgrade Middle School for the past five years. Pam is scheduled to graduate in May with a Spanish teaching degree. Both Travis and Pam strive to better their community through education and commitment.

Baby Tucker has been diagnosed with several medical conditions. The first disorder, called Situs Inversus, means that his liver, stomach, and heart are all on the opposite sides of their proper locations. The second, and most concerning disorder, is a combination of issues which when combined become a life threatening heart condition. The right and left functions of the heart are reversed, the left side is underdeveloped and non-functioning, and the two major arteries are both connected to the right ventricle instead of one artery per ventricle. Baby Tucker is therefore going to require a series of heart surgeries, the first immediately upon birth at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, in order to correct these major life threatening issues.

We are hoping for a timely and miraculous recovery and would appreciate your thoughts and prayers throughout this process. We’ve created this blog so that our friends, family, and community may stay up to date on Tucker’s health and progress. Also share our journey on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TuckerVolkmansJourney.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Travis and Pam, just want you to know that we are lifting you and Baby Tucker up in prayer! God is amazing and during these difficult times in life we need to trust that He is in Control and just lean into Him and He will comfort you!
    Love ya
    Susan Miller

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